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Protecting Nicaragua's Coastline & Promoting Surfing's Commitment to Ocean Conservation

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  • conducting marine science
  • teaching the importance of ocean conservation
  • organizing beach clean ups
  • protecting marine wildlife
  • empowering local surfers as ocean advocates
  • connecting surfers worldwide
  • providing bilingual tools for ocean advocacy

Project Background
The pioneers of the surfing industry have also been pioneers in ocean mapping, climate tracking, and ocean conservation. Naturally, surfers were the first group of tourists to venture into Nicaragua, putting its beautiful, undeveloped beaches on the map for ocean lovers worldwide. In the past 20 years, tourism in Nicaragua has increased nearly tenfold, bringing much needed economic development. In the same period, Central America's most impoverished nation -- home to turtle nesting beaches, isolated coral biotopes, and endless waves -- has suffered the effects of climate change more than all but two countries in the world (per the Global 2013 Climate Risk Index).

Surfing has driven much of the tourism and economic growth along the Pacific coast, but a low cost of living has also made Nicaragua a popular destination for retirees who do not surf and for developers who threaten to close surf breaks. The surfing community is uniquely positioned to help Nicaragua protect their raw coastline from the twin threats of overdevelopment and climate change.

Firmly rooted in Nicaragua, Paso Pacífico's work to strengthen ecological and economic resilience is protecting coastal communities and the coastlines themselves from the extreme weather that comes from climate change. As Nicaragua simulataneoulsy experiences the cultural change that comes with rapid development, Paso Pacífico is also uniquely positioned to help empower surfers locally and illustrate the surfing community's commitment to ocean conservation internationally.

Program Objectives
Economic development and the growth of Nicaragua's surfing culture are not slowing down. Working with local surfers dedicated to environmental conservation, we employ the principles of geotourism -- combining destination stewardship with cultural exchange -- to guide our programs which are designed to protect Nicaragua's natural beauty and biodiversity, empower coastal communities, and educate international visitors about the region's unique ecosystems.

Protecting Nicaragua's Coastline:
Ocean Conservation Education & Action
Paso Pacífico conducts scientific surveys to assess marine health, employs rangers to protect marine wildlife, engages thousands of people in beach clean-ups each year, educates children about coastal ecology, and supports a grassroots ocean conservation movement growing along Nicaragua's coastline.

Surf Ambassadors: 
Our education and leadership programs strenghten the capacity of surfers and environmental advocates locally and help them champion the surfing community's commitment to ocean conservation internationally. Building the capacity of local leaders, we are increasing the sustainability of our own ocean conservation programs and gaining the momentum required to ensure a sustainable future for watermen and the marine creatures who share the waves with them.

Global Surfing Spotlight on Nicaragua
In April of 2014 Paso Pacifico sponsored the Copa Pacifico de Surf, which was the biggest ever Nicaraguan national surf competion. Surfers from the entire Pacifico coast gathered to test their skills Playa Sardines. Paso Pacifico Rangers also made presentation on the importance of ocean health and the way in which to be better ocean stewards. 

Our Parnters:
Thanks to the SIMA Environmental Fund, we are building a strong foundation for ocean conservation and surf access through leadership development, conservation science and education, capacity building, and international networking.

Help create a culture of conservation in coastal Nicaragua!

 Support our ocean conservation efforts.  

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