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A Women's Oyster Cooperative


We are building Nicaragua's first women-run oyster cooperative!

The Problem: Currently, unsustainable resource management and overharvesting practices in local shellfisheries are pushing the ecological and economic capacity toward collapse in parts of Central America. Native oyster populations are central to the region's social, economic, and environmental demographies, and their collapse will mean impaired family income, food insecurity, and degraded coastal ecosystems for years to come.

Our Solution: Paso Pacifico is working with women in Ostional, Nicaragua to create the coutry's first stand-alone oyster shellfishery call "Ostras de Ostional" or the "Ostional Oyster Co". The women are committed to meet their goals for increased and sustainable shellfish harvest. This cooperative will facilitate linkages to consumer markets in the tourism and restaurant industries, spurring economic development through sustainable resource management for the entire community. 

Ostras de Ostional will directly train and employ 15 women fishers, each with an average of five household dependents, directly feeding and sustaining 75 impoverished individuals in Ostional – 10% of the entire population. Ostras de Ostional will serve as a scalable and replicable model for use in other coastal regions of Central America to encourage other entrepreneurial ventures around sustainable seafood and protein rich shellfish.

We are actively seeking investment using a multilayered funding platform. We have initial grant funding from the Waitt Foundation andthe Multilateral Investment Fund (FOMIN) of the Inter-American Development Bank. We are seeking an investment of $100,000 geared toward supplying additional aquaculture infrastructure, training local women in resource and business management, and garnering community support and education in order to achieve economic development through sustainable ocean management.


This project is made possible with grants from:



and the The Loyal Bigelow and Jedediah Dewey Foundation


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