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Aqua Wellness Resort is located just 12km north of San Juan del Sur and its properties provide important forest and beach habitat along the northern edge of the Paso del Istmo Biological Corridor. Given the biological importance of this geography, Paso Pacifico and Aqua Wellness Resort formed a unique partnership in 2015. 

It’s win-win for nature! The resort and its guests contribute to wildlife protection and reforestation and Paso Pacífico in turn provides technical input to carry out successful conservation projects. 


In the spring of 2015 Paso Pacifico Sea Turtle Rangers met with Aqua staff to train them in turtle conservation techniques. 

Already, Paso Pacifico has provided training to staff at Aqua Wellness Resort about methods to protect and monitor nesting sea turtles. The Resort staff is now monitoring the beach and will be protecting four turtle species, including the critically endangered hawksbill turtle.

All three of Nicaragua’s primates species (black-handed spider monkey, white-faced capuchin, and mantled howler) are present at Aqua Wellness Resort. These monkeys are important indicators of forest connectivity and health. Together with the resort, we will be planting thousands of native forest trees to increase the forest food available for primates and other wildlife. We are also monitoring four parrot and parakeet species that depend on the resort property to nest and forage. We will soon place artificial nests that will enable larger parrot species to nest, such as the threatened yellow-naped Amazon.

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